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Clean your grout 2 to 4 times faster.

Fits tiles sizes from 1 to 13 inches and up to 24 inches with the Pro Extended model.

Align the brush heads to glide across your grout lines and take hours off your cleaning time. 

With the patent pending system, you simply slide brushes to fit your tile width and tighten with the thumb screw. Add more brushes for smaller tile and slide brush heads off for up to one foot wide tile. The Grout Gator works will all cleaning soaps and liquids.  

The GROUT GATOR is so fast and easy it makes cleaning fun.  

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This product is genius. When we built our home in 2003 we abundantly used all forms of tile throughout. The first floor and master bath are all terrazzo tile that are beautiful but the grout has been a nightmare of a grime trap. Even the places where we had the tile sealed. Grout gator easily gets in those nooks and crannies and vacates the grime fast without harsh smelling chemicals. You put the teeth in cleaning. I was never so happy to say goodbye to the little toothbrush scrubber and the pain in my boney knees on the floor. I can easily stand, scrub have great looking tile and grout in about one fifth the time! Its even easier as I can scrub the tile shower walls and the splatter tile behind the cook top with an easy reach. Faster, easier, better and less pain for the body!

It made all the difference in cleaning my kitchen tile floors. Easy to adjust, and the brushes are just the right stiffness and width.

Ron Lynch, Austin TX 


Five Star rating !! 

Brian Kaufman
Owner Grout Genius
Salem OR

Hardware Retailing Magazine 

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Greetings Fellow Cleaners,

I'm the person in my household who cleans the grout. Bathroom grout, hallway grout, shower and tub grout... what seems like miles of grout lines. After spending way too much time on my hands and knees cleaning one grout line at a time, the idea for the Grout Gator popped into my head. Why not make a brush that could clean many grout lines at once? 

Since we launched the Grout Gator in the Fall of 2012 we've sold tens of thousands of units to both home owners and industry pros. We have had overwhelming response from the professional cleaning industry -- the men and women who make a living cleaning tile and grout in our homes and businesses across America.

Everyone knows two heads are better the one, and four heads are four times as good as one... and a whole lot faster.

So toss aside your old fashioned grout brush and pick up the one and only Grout Gator today!

Thank you for your support,

Jim Hill, Managing Partner/Inventor

PS I am so sure you will love the quality of Grout Gator and the time that you save using it that we can offer an unconditional one year money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied return it directly to us with proof of purchase for a refund.