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Bloggers Put Grout Gator to the Test

Spruce Up Your Home Effectively This Fall - Forevergreenmom

forevergreenmom.jpgI’ve got two difference sizes of grout lines in my home that the Grout Gator can master with its adjustable brush heads. Now, that’s a win win for me. We don’t ever think about cleaning the grout until it’s too late. I mean the dirt has set in…but once you put the gator to work, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t clean the grout lines sooner! This bad boy can clean 2 to 8 grout lines at once. You will have clean tile in no time with the Grout Gator! It’s kind of cute too!! Special attachments are sold separately and the brush heads can be replaced 

Must Have Cleaning Supplies Brands for This Fall - Fancyshanty

Grout Gator goes beyond mopping to get deep within the grout and is the only adjustable brush available for cleaning grout. Awarded one of Whoopi's Favorite Things on The View, Grout Gator can fit all tiles up to 13″ and cleans 2-8 grout lines at once.

cute-and-little.jpgThe Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist - Cuteandlittle

Seriously what is worse than cleaning grout?  I’ve always dreaded cleaning grout just because it’s so time consuming and tedious but that’s all changing with the Grout Gator!  The Grout Gator is a 14″ long brush that allows you to adjust the location of individual grout brushes to match the width of your grout lines.  Previously I had taken a toothbrush to do my scrubbing but this get all the grout in one fell swoop.  The brush allows you to clean 2 to 8 grout lines at once.  Dylan was actually enjoying himself so much helping me scrub the grout that he didn’t want me to help — no complaints here!  : ) 

Fall Winter Cleaning Tips, Must Have's - Dearcreatives

After cleaning floors, we have grout tiles in our entry way. They really take a beating. I would love clean the grout, and have the clean tiles to stay clean. But, that’s not going to happen. Need to clean yours too? Reach for Grout Gator. You can clean 2 to 8 grout lines at once, brush heads fit tile sizes from 2″ to 13″. 

dianaelizabethblog.jpgFall Home Preparation - Dianaelizabethblog

Who loves to clean tile? Haaaaa, no one raised their hand. I had to stop using a certain shaving cream because it was sticking to the tile and leaving chunks of dried foam on my dark gray grout. Ugh! I was using my nails to scrape it off in the shower. Or how about the typical toothbrush and all those lines? It’s like a nightmare!

Fall Cleaning Product Picks - Elleoliveco

Talk about a tedious job – cleaning tiles and grout. With the Grout Gator you can clean 2 to 8 grout lines at once. The adjustable brush heads fit over tile sizes from 2″ to 13″ and the brush heads can be replaced.  It’s so easy to use – a new favorite of mine for cleaning the bathroom tiles! 

quirkyinspired.jpgFall Cleaning Tips for People Who Have NO Time for Cleaning - Quirkyinspired

Grout is one of those things that gets neglected during most of the year. Now’s the time to conquer that “used to be white” grout. Don’t stress about using one grout cleaner brush at a time (Who’s got time for THAT??!!) I’ve found this magical tool called the Grout Gator! You can clean 2 to EIGHT lines of great at one time. (Seriously, magical) and the cleaning heads are adjustable! (Can I get an AMEN?)

Fall Cleaning - It's the New Spring Cleaning - Fridaywereinlove

The story behind this product is amazing, someone just got sick of having basically a toothbrush as their option to clean grout, and made the product of their dreams to quickly clean grout. If you haven’t cleaned it in over a year, it’s time! It cleans 2 to 8 grout lines at once and has an adjustable brush head to fit over tile sizes from 2” to 13”. So no matter what size your tile, you should be covered for clean grout! Every time we clean the grout we can’t believe what a difference it makes and remark we need to do it more often. Yay for making this chore a lot easier! 

sunnywithachanceofsprinkles.jpgFall Cleaning in 5 Easy Steps - Sunnywithachanceofsprinkles

Your bathroom grout won’t know what hit it after this guy! This grout cleaner can clean 2-8 grout lines in one swipe saving you TONS of time. I don’t know about you, but the tile in my bathroom could use some serious cleaning and this guy works as promises! Clean tile and clean grout makes this mama so happy!

Sunday Funday - Laurenbessette

Hate cleaning your grout lines? Me too. This handy tool helps get the job done in half the time. Hello sparkly white bathrooms!

730.jpgFall Cleaning Checklist - 730sagestreet

I can’t even imagine how anyone maintains their sanity when cleaning grout. What a tedious task. Well, it used to be anyway, but now with Grout Gator, you can clean your grout 2 to 4 times faster!

Grout Gator can clean 2 to 8 grout lines at the same time! The adjustable brushes make it versatile for any size tiles up to 13 inches wide. It works on any kind of grout lines and if you add an extension pole, you can clean floors, walls and ceiling grout quickly and easily.

I don’t actually have any grout in my home but I know a few people who do, so the Grout Gater is going to be a gift idea for this holiday season.

6 Fall Cleaning Must Haves - Coffeeformom

My husband is the guy who always does the grout cleaning and he was really excited to see this! It cleans from 2 to 8 grout tiles at once and the adjustable brush head makes it easy to fit different sized tiles from 2″ to 12″ inches. The brush heads can always be replaced if you need new ones!  Grout Gator makes cleaning faster and much more efficient and it’s the perfect accessory for your fall cleaning collection!

thedomesticdiva.jpg6 Fall Cleaning Products to Get Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests - Thedomesticdiva

Deep Clean All the Way to the Grout. When it comes to deep cleaning sometimes getting the grout on tile can be particularly difficult. I mean no one has all day to sit and clean grout so any product that would make this task easier is always a winner in my book. Grout Gator was designed to do just that. With multiple adjustable brush heads you’ll be able to clean the grout lines in your bathroom quickly.The Grout Gator cleans tiles up to 13 inches and has quickly become one of those cleaning tools that I never knew I needed.

Fall Cleaning Checklist - Jamonkey

If you have grout in your kitchen or bathroom then the Grout Gator is a handy tool to scrub the grout clean. It can clean 2 to 8 lines all at once and the brushes are adjustable for all tile sizes. 

amyeverafter.jpgTime-Saving, Great-Smelling, Genius Products to get Your House Ready for Winter Hibernation - Amyeverafter

This product is genius. I hate cleaning grout (I mean, show me a person who likes it!), so anything that will make that process go quicker is awesome.

Did you ever have a music teacher who had one of those weird five-finger chalk holders for making music staves on the blackboard? That’s what the Grout Gator reminds me of!!!

The Grout Gator comes with four tough grout scrubbers that you can slide into the perfect position for your grout lines. (I took one of them off since my subway tiles are so far apart.) So now, I can clean my grout three times as fast!! You can buy additional scrubber heads, in case you need more for really close-together grout lines or because you’ve scrubbed yours to death. They also sell an extension pole that can screw into the handle, and I already ordered it because our subway tiles go all the way up to the ceiling, and you can clearly see just how far up I could reach on my own! Yikes.

The Grout Gator can be used in the bathroom or kitchen, on walls and floors, anywhere you have grout!

6 Time & Money Saving Fall Cleaning Products Kayleeeylander

This is such a clever product! How many times have you needed one of these while cleaning your grout lines? This fun brush can clean from 2-8 grout lines at one time! It is adjustable and you also can replace the grout brushes if needed! What a cool tool! I’m all about spending less time cleaning and more time with my family, so this is right up my alley!

 Genius Products to Get Your House Guest-Ready in Minutes - Lifealittlebrighter


Let’s start with the roughest job of all, cleaning the grout. I’m not a fan, and I’m sure you would rather be doing other things as well. So let’s cut that cleaning time in half! In our house, we love this Grout Gator for scubbing the shower grout. The adjustable brush heads target multiple lines of grout, and save you so much time. 

Fall Cleaning Essentials You Don't Want to MissLovinglivinglancaster

We all know how dirty grout can get, and also how difficult it is to clean. I can’t tell you the hours I’ve spent scrubbing the grout in our shower. Grout Gator cleans 2 to 8 grout lines at once and is a lifesaver for fall cleaning! 

Get Your Fall Cleaning Checklist - Southernmomloves

southernmomloves.jpgIf you hate scrubbing your grout, the answer is the Grout Gator. I was sent this simple tool that saves a ton of time. Just adjust the brush heads to your grout lines and scrub 2 to 8 grout lines at once! My cleaning went by so quickly!

The adjustable brush heads fit over tile sizes from 2” to 13” and can be replaced as they wear out. You can order additional heads to replace them with or to slide on to do more grout lines at once, a squeegee head, or an extension arm for high walls or tiled ceilings.

Autumn Home Prep - Angelicinthecity

Cleaning your grout has become super easy and 2 to 4 times faster with the Grout Gator. The durable and adjustable brush heads slide back and forth to fit over any tile size from 2” to 13”. Remove brush heads for large tile, add brush heads for small tile. The Grout Gator even cleans 2-8 grout lines at the same time. The brush heads are adjustable and can be replaced. 

sandytoes.jpgFall Cleaning Checklist - Sandytoesandpopsicles

finally, the last thing you want guest to see is a dirty shower with moldy grout. after a summer of fun, a shower has seen a lot of grime. if you have tile, then a Grout Gator can help you get clean grout again. it can cleans 2 to 8 grout lines at once with adjustable brush heads. each one can fit over tile from sizes from 2” to 13”. plus the brush heads can be replaced. use promo code BB17 for 15% off of your purchase of a Grout Gator. pretty cool huh?!

6 Product Help Prepare Home for Winter - Imperfecthomemaker

he mom who invented this was using her thinking cap!  Why use a toothbrush to clean one grout line at a time when we can get the job done 4 times faster with the Grout Gator?! (Actually the Grout Gator can clean up to 8 lines at a time, so you can get the job done WAY faster than the toothbrush method!)

The adjustable brush heads fit over tile sizes from 2” to 13” so you can use it for whatever job you're doing.  And don't worry, when the brush heads get worn out you can replace them.

Fall Cleaning Checklist - Theashmoresblog

The Grout Gator is like an amazing, giant toothbrush to clean your grout! It cleans 2-8 grout lines at once! It cleans your tile easily and the brush heads can easily be replaced!